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The largest, most important gift in mankind's history. Pussy in a Box is a hilarious gag gift for men. The actual contents are unique (it's a trade-secret, we can't say more). It's size, attractive packaging, and nice smell is designed make a hilarious gift idea for that man in your life.
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* 3 packages available, Tiny Pussy, Wet Pussy (loves water!), and the huge-ass Titanic Pussy

* Gag gift for men and crazy women

* US shipping $6.99. Comes in a FREE Ccrdboard box!

* Limited products, only a select few pussy will be made available

* Ships worldwide

* Available for $12.99, $14.99, and $19.99 respectively


Three Great Pussys, we couldn't pick our favorite!

Tiny Pussy
Play with your pussy on the go! Perfect for single men who don't have a lot of time or space to deal with pussy. Comes in flamingo pink and grey colors.

Wet Pussy
Normally you've got to coax pussy to get it really wet. Not this one. Play with it, wet it, wash it, rub it. This pussy loves being wet. Our most popular Pussy in a Box™!

Wet Pussy
One word describes it all: huge-ass. Optional function as a door stop slash singles man foot rest. Probably the biggest, soft and cuddly pussy you'll ever own.





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